Do What You Want

by Jacques Labouchere

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2nd single of off upcoming 3rd album.


releases September 1, 2017

Produced and mixed by Thomas Frank at Ljudvalet Studio
Mastered by Daniel Johansson at Welfare Studios
In Göteborg, Sweden.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Do What You Want
“Do What You Want”
By: Jacques Labouchere

1st verse
Do what you want when you want,
When you will,
Don’t let anyone tell you,
That you are ill.
Do what you can,
When you can where you stand,
Just remember you’re no better than…

2nd verse
Open your eyes,
Close them if not to dream,
And when you lift up your head,
From the flashing screens.
Do what you want,
When you will,
Don’t forget to take,
Your happy pills.


Outro x 2
The psychedelic sounds we hear,
Are a portal from our fears,
And the music in our heads,
Is our escape from death.